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Clitoris - Wikipedia
The clitoris (/ ˈ k l ɪ t ər ɪ s / ( listen) or / k l ɪ ˈ t ɔər ɪ s / ( listen)) is a female sex organ present in mammals, ostriches and a limited number of ... - More from this site

Where is the clitoris? | Go Ask Alice!
I have a stupid question. Where is the clitoris located exactly in the female's genitalia? If it differs per woman, what is the easiest way to locate it? Your ... - More from this site

13 Things You Should Be Doing To Her Clitoris - Men's Health
Sex experts share tricks on stimulating a woman’s clitoris, using not just your tongue but also fingers, teeth, lips, and even sex toys. - More from this site

Sex Tips for Clitoral Stimulation at Men's
The clitoris is not a bull's-eye, power switch, or launch button. "You can't just go for the gold," says Rebecca Chalker, author of The Clitoral Truth. - More from this site

7 Crazy-Interesting Facts About Your Clitoris
it's apparently clitoris awareness week. this will be a slideshow of interesting facts - More from this site

The Clitoris | SexInfo Online
The clitoris is a female sexual organ located at the top part of the vulva, or external female genitalia. The clitoris is an erogenous, highly sensitive zone that ... - More from this site

Difference between clitoral and vaginal orgasm | Go Ask Alice!
Nice to see a answer on female orgasms that includes the fact the Clitoris actually extends down and around the vagina and lower portion of the anus. - More from this site

Clitoris - The Only Organ Designed for Pleasure - Clitoris ...
Clitoris - The Only Organ Designed for Pleasure - What is the definition of clitoris? Learn about female sexual anatomy and the functions of the clitoris. - More from this site

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